Wireless Solution Outreach

GlobalWirelessPOD is an early stage tech co. poised to be the international subsidiary of Global Entertainment Technology (GET) 
based in Georgia, USA,  utilizing proprietary wireless infrastructure to provide wireless broadband and collateral business services to small rural communities in emerging countries around the world.

THE PROBLEM:  Small rural communities are under served and overlooked by national providers.  According to a story on Smart Planet, there are currently 416,359 people without wired broadband access just in West Virginia alone. The FCC has put together an interactive map on its website, where visitors can see the gaps in access on a state-by-state basis. There are currently 19 million under served rural Americans. That’s a fairly significant customer base to leave on the table. However, in South Carolina, it appears to have cost incumbent providers a few thousand dollars to avoid connecting people in that state – a significantly cheaper, less time consuming option, American economic viability and global competitiveness notwithstanding."

Many Rural AT&T Customers Still Lack High-Speed Internet Despite Merger Promise: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/11/18/rural-att-customers-merger-lnternet_n_1914508.html  

ADAPTATIONS / SOLUTIONS:  The distribution initiative is to identify niche markets in small towns and rural communities providing long range solutions to multipoint wireless POD networks and provide true global connectivity.  Bundled services  include high speed internet, VoIP, video & music streaming, internet radio, cloud hosting, internet gaming to name a few.    

Expanded applications are available for enterprise, municipal government, schools and emergency agencies not limited to the following services:

1)      Money transfer/Automatic Clearing House (ACH) transactions for mobile platforms.

2)      Educational multimedia delivery systems in schools.  Enhanced e-learning class & social media interactions.

3)      Multi-genre Internet radio including creating your own radio station formats,  “host your own talk show”,  “your own disc jockey stations”, etc.

4)      Transportation/logistics tracking

5)      Security and emergency monitoring.

6)      Mobile wireless PODs and repeater stations often used by military and emergency agencies.


The company draws from 40+ years of managerial, technical & military team experience in designing and deployment of multipoint wireless delivery network.  Over the past two years, the company has invested heavily in R&D to optimize software protocol thereby enhancing the ability of 802.11 platforms.  The core strategic alliance is to merge with existing national and international rural stations and utilize its terrestrial infrastructure to deliver the bundled services and content.  The infrastructure has been successfully tested and is used in limited areas benefiting rural schools and emergency services.  The company started with minor equity in two positive cash flow remote radio stations and internet radio in IOWA.   

GlobalWirelessPOD has identified multiple rural radio stations in the Asia-Pacific - ASEAN region that are ready to align to the multipoint network.   The company is in need of a minimum $1.5 Million to start the IPO initiative and roll-out, merger/acquisition of target rural stations and ramp up customer premise equipment (CPE) inventory .  This includes globally scalable joint-ventures starting in Philippines, Vietnam-ASEAN arena awaiting entry memorandum of agreements.  Proprietary and specific long range strategy are disclosed with a completed non-disclosure agreement to interested Pioneer Partners. 

Why are we doing this?    Because we’ve taken on the side of the small independent radio station operators and adapt our technology alliance to enhance their services to the local community with less adversity from the national monopoly carriers.  Hence, by building a network of small WIRELESS POD stations around the world; we leverage the benefit for the remote end users.  We are very passionate with the mission of connecting the global community one WirelessPOD at a time.  Please join and help us promote our goodwill link around the world.  

Core Founders:

Antonio DaSilva - Founder, Global Wireless POD

Security monitoring